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Denver has a lot of neighborhoods, and they all have nicknames: RiNo (River North), LoDo (Lower Downtown) and HiLo (Lower Highlands). I spent a lot of time in RiNo -- with its wide selection of breweries, restaurants, and galleries.

I got an appointment to visit the Denver Zine Library, and will post a separate blog about that experience later this week. The photos here were taken all over the city, not specifically RiNo.

My overall impression of Denver is that everyone is really nice and outdoorsy. With its proximity to California, there are a lot of drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow, but also a lot of really good vegan/vegetarian food. To me, these things even out -- especially since I wasn't driving but I was eating all of the vegetarian food.

What sums it up best is a snippet of conversation I overheard in RiNo, "My ex and I broke up because he's an anarchist, but not in the way I'm an anarchist."

The Great Divide Brewing Co.

2201 Arapahoe St. Denver CO 80205

We learned this brewery does not serve food, but they serve up some delicious beers. Pros: The 58th Street Saison, sampler prices, and their logo design. The Ultimate Pro: Cartel and Taking Back Sunday were on the playlist.



860 Broadway

Denver Co 80203

My comrades were all going skiing at Keystone, so we made a pit stop while downtown to pick up some gear. As someone who does not "shred the gnar", I wandered around the store looking at the snowboard designs. After all, this was my favorite part of playing SSX on my brother's PS2.


Denver Museum of Contemporary Art | Work by Tara Donovan

1485 Delgany St.

Denver CO 80202

There were some really cool exhibitions throughout the MCA, and the one above was part of a series made of a ton of tiny little nails. This "X" was the only ~technical~ typography I found in the museum.

This is one of my favorite art installations I think I've ever seen. I could not stop looking at it -- the mylar orbs seemed to be glowing around the edges. My only wish is that the room it was in was bigger, so I had more room to stand there and admire it in all of its beauty.

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