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Alex is a designer and writer living in Japan.

Raised in North Carolina, Alex earned her degree in Graphic Design from NC State University's College of Design in 2014.


She has moved quite a bit since then, first to Columbia, SC, to Dayton, OH, and to Grafenwöhr, Germany. She currently lives in Japan, operating her freelance career from abroad.


Having worked in multiple industries and design agencies, she can say her favorite things to do are:


  • Developing branding systems for small businesses

  • Designing exhibit spaces and experiences

  • Magazine print design

There is just nothing like seeing designs go from a digital space to the "real world" in 3D! 


Her first travel blog, 'A Place in Prague', began as a way to keep her parents informed while studying watercolor abroad. Now, she writes 'Travel Typography' and posts on Instagram (@TravelTypography) to document good design worldwide.

Alex Place Design professional headshot

Alex is currently querying her first book, editing podcasts, branding Airbnbs, getting scuba certified, and creating videos for her (and her husband's) Youtube Channel Will and Alex Travel.


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