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My dear friend since high school and throughout college has worked at Facebook HQ for about a year now. During our trip to San Fran, she was nice enough to give us a 5 hour tour -- which somehow -- still didn't feel like enough time.

With our eyes wide and mouths open, we walked through the open-office floor plan (designed by Frank Gehry) filled with wonder. Around every corner was a beautiful, unapologetically large piece of artwork. Everywhere we looked, there was another surprise.

A great article was written by Wired about the artists-in-residence at Facebook. There are also some images in this article of artwork I missed.

My focus was on typography - there was a lot of it! Much of it encouraged questioning processes, nurturing creativity, and continuous self improvement.

'Gender Free' Mural | Menlo Park

Facebook HQ Interior

This mural made quite the buzz a few years back, and it did stand out to be immediately as something not all companies would display. It's a beautifully bold mural that takes a certain stance, but I think it's a reminder that Facebook welcomes people of all kinds and identities (hello 51 possible gender labels).


Map of Social Relationships, 2018 | Building 21

Qui Zhijie, Artist-in-Residence

The plaque on the wall next to this larger-than-life map explains that "Qui has mapped imagined networks of his sociological, philosophical, cultural, political and epistemological research." The ink map details 'potential social relationships' in English and Chinese.


The HACK Heritage

My friend emphasized the company's encouragement for open feedback. The idea of 'hacking' is everywhere, and employees are encouraged to question and challenge current processes. Hackathons happen often, and unique posters are made to remember each one and the people who participated.


'All Children Are Artists' Mural | The Analog Lab

Hand-painted typography

'All children are artists. The challenge is to remain an artist when you grow up". This quote is found several times around the campus, and it encourages employees to maintain their child-like wonder and curiosity in everything they do.


Employee-Made Posters

I was delighted to find out that the campus contains a 'maker's space', where someone could learn a hands-on trade or craft -- including screen printing. Employee posters were hung everywhere, creating these ever-expanding poster collages.

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