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Since moving to Ohio, I have learned these two things: People here embrace the outdoors and have a festival for everything. Having never lived in the Midwest, I didn't know that summers could actually be enjoyable. Now, if it's over 40 degrees, I'll go outside every chance I get.

The several times I've gone to Columbus, I haven't specifically been looking for interesting typography.. but here are a few I've seen so far.

161 N High St.

Columbus, OH 43215

This registered historical building was once known as the Bott Brothers Buffett and Billiards, owned by Bott brothers Jason and Billie. The exterior detail and craftsmanship only hints at the beautiful interior. The brothers did very well for themselves, but the building itself has several legends associated with it.

It is said that in 1909, a 'well-known womanizer' Col. Randolph Pritchard was at the saloon when he was called outside. He was then stabbed by a woman, stumbled back inside, and died on the floor. The woman ran off, leaving only footprints in the snow. It's said that both of them have lingered around the building, although I didn't see anything while dining there. But, I will say that the basement bathrooms gave me the creeps.


'In Principle and in Practice'

65 S Front St.

Columbus, OH 43215

It makes me so happy when cities invest in public art this way. This granite type in a shallow reflective pool was completed in 2006 by Malcolm Cochran. When I walked by, the fountain was on, but this website has some more information and images when the pool is still and glassy.

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