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When I  create logos, I like to give many options during the first round of design. From there, the client and I can work towards a final logo design.

Photo courtesy of Design Dimension, Inc.

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The logo was used in the exhibit space and inspired a pattern used throughout the panels and wall graphics. The shape of the logo was inspired by the historic windows in the museum room.

Completed while at Design Dimension, Inc.

Madhoney shoot.jpg
Mad Honey main photo.jpg

A collaboration with clothing designer, Sydney Smith

Kind words from Allie Wylie, the owner of Live & Let Dye:
"Working with Alex was such an amazing experience! I wasn't sure what to expect, but her creativity and ingenuity blew me away! Her constant communication and explanation of where she drew her inspiration from and reasoning for her designs was so inspiring, it made it difficult to choose! The design I settled on fits myself, my creativity and business so perfectly, I couldn't be happier!"

Kind words from Jordan Gomez, owner of J.Go Fit:
"Alex is very passionate about her work and is eager to please her client by giving multiple design options to make sure that she captures everything you want from her design.
She has created my new logo, business cards, flyers, newsletters and recreated my entire website so that everything reflected my vision.


I am so thankful that I found Alex because her designs have exponentially changed the value of my business. She is definitely an amazing person to work with and I will forever sing her praises!"

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I am currently rebranding the logo I designed over five years ago. We are working with something more organic and based off of a post J.Go uses often.

It is rooted in being open to life and encompasses her focuses of mind, body, and soul.

She specifically did not want her name to be a central part of the logo and prefers to have the female form be front and center.

I collaborated with Jason to design his logo and website. 

JSNfitness Website-01.png

Completed while at Design Dimension, Inc.

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The logo was inspired by the most prominent barn in the park. I used the logo to design wayfinding graphics that would be used throughout the property.

mad honey
live and let dye
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