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I edit the podcast "Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go" using Descript, Auphonic, and GarageBand. I use Canva for social media post creation and Libsyn to upload. I also branded the podcast and designed the social media templates.


[Below] I collaborated with my friend and her brother to create the album art and branding for their podcast, "Relatively Young". It was an informal process, and I'm happy to share the slides I made on Procreate. They are rough, but you can see how much fun we had! 

"Confidently Uncomfortable" IG @ConfidentlyUncomfortable
The old branding I did in 2019
The old album art for the podcast Confidently Uncomfortable. It is a photo of a woman jumping with the podcast title text above it.
A screenshot of the Apple Podcasts page showing the podcast "Confidently Uncomfortable" and the album art.
Updated Branding
A social media reel or post page advertising a new podcast episode.
A social media post for a podcast page that describes the episode "Confidently Uncomfortable"
A social media post for a podcast page. It is an audiogram for the podcast episode.
A Youtube thumbnail for a podcast episode. It is the photo from the phodcast album art with the title of the episode and where it can be downloaded.
Album artwork for a podcast
The brand identity development for a podcast
The brand identity development for a podcast. It shows inspiration iimages and a mood board for the pocast brand.
The brand identity development for a podcast. It shows some inspiration for what the imagery for Instagram could look like on the podcast social media page.

Several process pages from the "look and feel" updated branding packet.

This is in the "finding inspiration" stage and will ultimately lead to a cohesive social media presence. 

A Youtube thumbnail for a podcast episode. It shows the podcast host and the episode of the title.
An Instagram reel design template for the life coaching podcast
A social media post Instagram reel template designed for a life coaching podcast. This one is highlights a quote from a past episode.
Relatively Young
"Relatively Young"
Initial "look and feel" ideas I came up with after talking to her about what the podcast was about. 
Design Development for a podcast brand. This one is a retro-gamer type of style and aesthetic.
Podcast brand development brainstorm sketch. This one is based off of B-Movie vibes, campy and fun
Podcast brand development brainstorm process. This one is based off of vector portraits of the hosts.
Brand development brainstorm process for a podcast show. This one is based off of 90's and 2000's nostalgia and Word Art hilarity
Round 1 ideas based on their favorite being option #2 B Movie Vibes (made with Procreate on the iPad)
Design process for a podcast show based off of aliens abducting the hosts
Podcast Brand Development Brainstorm for album cover art based off B-movie posters
Podcast brand album artwork development based off of Young Frankenstein. Portraits of the podcast hosts.
[Nearly] final designs that are still being tweaked as they share their podcast!
A branded custom podcast cover photo for facebook based off the album artwork
Custom illustrated and designed podcast artwork inspired by B-movie posters
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