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Palmetto Gills & Game

I worked for several months as the sole publication designer, editor, web designer, ad designer, and marketing manager for Palmetto Gills and Game magazine. We were a very small team!

I communicated directly with writers, advertisers, and the printers to make sure everything was approved and ready for print at the end of each month. I also created a content calendar to schedule and produce social media posts and assets. I learned a lot from the short time the publication was in print, and really enjoyed the creative freedom that came with the job. 

None of these articles are images are my own. I coordinated with writers and advertisers to establish an approved layout and developed the system for the magazine over a short period of time.



I designed a handful of ads for companies all over South Carolina to be printed in the magazine.



Vertices - Duke University's Research Journal

My colleague, Stephanie, and I led a team of Junior Designers in creating the layout system for Duke’s Research Journal, "Vertices". The Duke editors provided us with the text, and we did the rest. Designing a Research Publication was a positive learning experience for everyone -- there are a lot more rules and attention to detail that needs to be taken with each chart, graph, and reference. It was challenging and rewarding to blend our design knowledge with the Duke students scientific research. 


Each of our Junior Designers used our template to layout their articles, while Stephanie and I designed the remainder of the pages and organized between Duke and local printers to get the issue out on time. 

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