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I learned how to edit podcasts on GarageBand and have since worked editing Jordan Gomez's podcast, "Confidently Uncomfortable with J.GO"(from episode 36 onward). I designed her album art and create each episode's audiograms and other social media assets using Canva. I also work with her writing each episode's show notes before uploading with Libsyn.

I collaborated with my friend and her brother to create the album art and branding for their podcast, "Relatively Young". As she is a close friend, the process was pretty informal, but I have included it here. It's just a couple quick slides made on my iPad with ProCreate, but it did the trick and you can see how much fun we had!

"Confidently Uncomfortable"
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Episode 37 (Erin Killen) Story Pages.png
Ep 38 Solo - Story Pages.png
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38 - Small Seeds -  Youtube
"Relatively Young"
Initial "look and feel" ideas I came up with after talking to her about what the podcast was about. 
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Untitled_Artwork 4.png
Round 1 ideas based on their favorite being option #2 B Movie Vibes (made with ProCreate on the iPad)
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Untitled_Artwork 6.png
[Nearly] final designs that are still being tweaked as they share their podcast!
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