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I enjoy drawing in my free time with pencil, Micron pens, and watercolor. My favorite thing lately has been documenting my travels and different wildlife I see along the way.

To see some examples of my digital illustration skills, see the "Vector Illustration" page or the "Infographics" page.

A sketchbook page showing Bavarian travel on Lake Koenigsee and St. Bartholomew Church on the water. Ink an watercolor.
Ink sketch and watercolor of an Iris flower
Ink and watercolor sketch and drawing of a coneflower
Sketchbook page showing different wildlife found in the Southeast Asia tropics. Spiders, leaves, ocean life. Watercolor and ink.
Sketchbook page from a sketchbook showing the buildings in downtown Lindau of Germany. The Mangturm and a pink hotel along the lake.
An image of a sketchbook showing an ink and watercolor drawing of the ocean
A sketchbook page showing fish sketches and a black and white drawing of clownfish
A sketchbook page showing sketches in pencil of swirls and clouds. A black and white drawing of whimsical looking clouds.
A sketchbook page showing watercolor and ink drawings of tropical fish found in Southeast Asia. A parrotfish, clownfish, scissortail sergant, triggerfish
A sketchbook page showing travel illustrations of Bavaria. watercolor and ink drawings from Garmisch.
Travel illustrations in a sketchbook showing Bavarian Alp scenes in watercolor.
Sketchbook page showing botanical watercolor and ink drawings
A page from a sketchbook showing different leaves and color combinations found in nature.
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